pile integrity testing

Sonic Integrity Testing (SIT) is widely used measurement method to check the integrity of concrete foundation piles. It is a non-destructive method to reduce the risk upon failure of cast-in-situ piles.

Pile Integrity Testing is a proven technique to check the integrity of concrete piles in an efficient and cost-effective way before they are incorporated in the final foundation. The Measurement is performed by hitting the pile head with a hand-held hammer and measuring the response of the head with the sensitive and lightweight SIT-accelerometer. The SIT presents a measurement signal directly on screen, enabling a direct check of the quality of the measurement in the field. By comparing the various measurement signals, you can identify possible irregularities in the pile shaft. Depending on the soil condition, it is also possible to acquire an indication of the pile length. The measurement does not provide information on the pile bearing capacity.

  brochure about integrity testing