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Welcome to the site of Jacbo België. Jacbo is the specialist when it comes to the manufacture of screw piles (also known as auger piles or concrete mortar screw piles), threaded piles and partial ground displacing Omega piles. On this site, you can find information about our products, advice which will enable you to carry out your work successfully and details about how to contact us.

Jacbo was founded as a family company in 1933 and, since then, has grown into the most specialised producer of non-driven piles. The company has thus become a familiar concept in Europe within the sphere of foundations. The company works in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium under the name Jacbo Nederland BV.
Jacbo produces its piles according to a number of different screw techniques; the concrete mortar screw technique is the most well-known of these. The company offers the following systems and/or pile types: Jac-O; Jac-B; Jac-S and Jac-P. The Jacbo methods are perfect for creating vibration-free, low-noise and damage-free foundations, requirements that are increasingly set in relation to construction projects. Working without causing damage also leads to lower liability premiums from insurance companies; working quickly leads to short building times. In short, Jacbo offers an ideal foundation method.



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